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(Darken the path to enlightenment?)

[31 Aug 2002|05:59pm]
oh journal done.

This one is deeeeeeeyad.

Deyad as warm possum pai!

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[31 Aug 2002|02:51pm]
It's a shame, that people have to run and hide.
It's a shame indeed.

*sigh* I wonder if it's worth loading up the other journals just to carry on my point, or to just leave it alone.

Hmmm what to do.


Bleh, can't risk losing Julie's friendship, so I'll leave it for now.

I won the first round, because I didn't need friends to stick up for me, and didn't need to block the other, because "their words hurt!".

Second round, any-time soon?

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[31 Aug 2002|05:13am]

Got to get a code tomorrow/today.

Then I can officially kick this journal into the ocean and hope it sinks to the bottom. Already have my posts wrote out for the new journal in notepad. Just got to copy paste them in when it's made. Sheesh the effort. =P

Wonder if the titanic was insured, and it was one giant insurance scam?
Wonder if the trade centers were insured too.

Food for thought. Food. Maybe a snack before bed, and a good book.



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[31 Aug 2002|01:02am]
Just leaving this journal to rot. I need things I left on it, so hense no deletion. I'll get the new one under-way asap.

You know, if it wasn't for people who decide to "take me on" at my own game, my life would be so boring.

So I thank you people. You know who you are ;)

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[30 Aug 2002|11:16pm]
I'm moving journals.

The friends who have been there, and helped me, who took part in my worthless existence, will know the new journal.

The people who "tagged me on" because "their friend of a friend" added me, or because you like full friend lists, cyas in hell.

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[29 Aug 2002|12:05am]
Any ideas for a new MSN hotmail name? =P

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[28 Aug 2002|11:29pm]
No-one's on.

I'm going to bed.

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Mike, Pub, and a surprise visit from an old old friend at home. [22 Aug 2002|08:16pm]
Mechs....Collapse )

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Town [22 Aug 2002|08:07pm]
Various town shotsCollapse )

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Skies [22 Aug 2002|08:02pm]
The skiesCollapse )

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[20 Aug 2002|11:52pm]
Never lasts...

I'm gonna play a game and then head to bed. No more late nights for me, I have college soon, and maybe get a job so I can upgrade my computer, and go out to clubs more.

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[20 Aug 2002|06:15pm]
The actor in Unkle - Rabbit in your headlights, is Denis Lavant, a french actor.

I knew I saw him before, but what is now even more mysterious, is that I cannot find how out how I saw him, as I do not watch french movies.

This video is disturbing, and only now is it released on MTV, after they banned it from air for nearly 4 years.

Download it from Kaaza, or watch MTV2 and hope it comes on... but you need to watch this video. Nothing, can ever compare to the disturbing, yet engrossing nature of it.

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[20 Aug 2002|04:04pm]

I need to do shopping today. I also wanna buy an exercise book too, so I can start my diary/journal thing.

You know, when I work on my own, my creative writing is normally very... tepid.
But when I work with others, even if it's the act of giving it to someone else to read, I re-read my work and start to change it.

An example, was last night with my AS English Lit.

I answered assignment One's question 4 with about four lines worth of text.
After giving it to Jen, I re-wrote it.
Then re-wrote it.
Then added to it.
leaving me with about 20 lines of text.

Interesting how that occurs. It happened through my school life too. I'd write the most boring, mediocre, even shitty reports ever, yet when someone asked me what to do, I'd give them A-grade material, and they would get good grades.

It's just kind of amazing really.

*shrug* lil things.

Oh and the Video to this song is Freaky.

Totally Freaky.

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To you. [19 Aug 2002|02:44pm]
You'll never listen or believe.
You'll never realise or see.
You will run, little Alice, all your life.
Never realising, that the rabbit hole is of your own creation.
Never realising, that the mirror, is your own soul.

Keep on running. Keep on fleeing. Keep on blindly hoping.
One day, something will happen, and you will stop.
And you will see, all of your life.
A flash before your eyes, but you will see, in a cleared view, everything you did.
And you will break down.

You caused everything in your life, one way or another.
We are all to blame for our lives, but never, to blame for others.
The sooner you realise this... the better for you.

If you do not realise it, you will run past all that is good.

Now you have someone who wants to give you love.
You tried this with me, and it failed.
You tried to love me, but never could.
I was your excuse, for not living in the world.

And now... I am no longer your excuse.

No longer your reason for the life of a hermit.

You have someone who wants to love you.
Who is there.
Who can kiss your lips, and hold you tight.
Someone who can show you how much they love you, and maybe, you can show how much you love them.

And, my place-holder position is now of no importance.

You have your chance to move on. I am taking mine.
Don't waste this year past, just because you're scared.

Because the past always returns.

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[19 Aug 2002|12:52pm]
I am trying... TRYING to burn this music vid to show mom.

I've wasted another disc on it.


THey cost me a bomb. These discs cost me a lot, yet they are FUCKING UP.

why me

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[19 Aug 2002|12:24pm]
I am fucked off.

I've wasted 4 CDs now, trying to burn.

I FINALLY got to burn a CD today, and guess what?

The data is all corrupted and won't open.


fucking thing.

What with that, and god's lil cum-whore making my life a misery, and the fact I wrote my dream down, but the last burning process crashed my machine, I'm not happy.

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Soul Coughing - Screenwriter's Blues. [18 Aug 2002|08:36pm]
[ mood | Heh cool wierd song. ]

Exits to freeways
twisted like knots on
the fingers
jewels cleaving
skin between

Your Cadillac breathes
four hundred horses
over blue lines
you are going
to Reseda
to make love
to a model
from Ohio
whose real name
you don't

you spin
like the cadillac was
overturning down a
cliff on television
and the radio is on
and the radioman is speaking
and the radioman says
women were a curse
so men built Paramount
and men built Columbia
and men built
Los Angeles

it is 5 am
and you are listening
to Los Angeles

And the radioman says
it is a beautiful night out there!
And the radioman says
Rock and Roll lives!
And the radioman says
it is a beautiful night out there
in Los Angeles
you live
in Los Angeles
and you are going to
Reseda; we are all
in some way or
another going to
Reseda someday
to die
and the radioman
laughs because
the radioman fucks
a model too

Gone savage
for teenagers with
automatic weapons and
boundless love
gone savage for
teenagers who are
aesthetically pleasing
in other words
Los Angeles beckons
the teenagers
to come to her
on buses;
Los Angeles loves

it is 5 am
and you are listening
to Los Angeles

I am going to
Los Angeles
to built a screenplay about
lovers who
murder each
I am going to
Los Angeles
to see my own
name on a
screen, five feet
long and luminous
as the radioman says
it is 5 am
and the sun has charred
the other side of
the world and come
back to us
and painted the smoke
over our heads
an imperial violet
it is 5 am
and you are listening
to Los Angeles.

You are listening.
You are listening.
You are listening.
You are listening.

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[18 Aug 2002|02:02am]
Your Personal Day of Death is...
Monday, April 12, 2038


That's on Pessimistic too.

Hmmmm. Must be screwy. I don't intend to live past 2004.

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[18 Aug 2002|12:02am]
I wanted to show people my badly taken, 20 second vid of me in a bus, going past my old school.

But no-one's on.


Why is it so barren and lonely today?

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[17 Aug 2002|10:43pm]
And by their actions, they shall be judged.
And by their reactions, they shall be judged.
Let not the lies of past mix the future of truth.

Just some crap out of my head. Not real crap mind you. Hmm. Never mind.


A friend got this detective program that tracks down people.

Doing a search for Sinath. With this new-fangled technology, we should locate her in minutes! (kinda)


Then I can write her a letter. And see if she will talk.

And, messing around, we found where my real father lives too.

Innnnnteresting. Wonder if I remember how molokov cocktails are made. *innocent grin*

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